Day 3 – 2.12.2014

Beach talk

Christian Ernsten, 2 December 2014


It’s hard to think of anything else than the crazy hike up Chapman’s Peak during day 3. Walking an eroding path curving up the mountain while carrying full packs and challenged by strong winds. Not one of my best moments!


But actually the day started with a soothing walk on the Noordhoek beach. For the first time perhaps we walked and talked. We exchanged on walking and travel literature resulting in an impromptu and kind of random reading list:


Dirk and Nick spoke about Dutch author Geert Mak and his book, In Europe and Travels without John on John Steinbeck’s travels through the U.S. as well as Tony Judt’s Postwar. I spoke with Hedley about Sebalt’s Austerlitz and Rings of Saturn. Hedley mentioned Macfarlane’s The old ways and Mountains of the mind and in relation to city walking Cole’s Open City. I remembered Dutch artist and mapmaker Jan Rothuizen advised me to read Chatwin’s Songlines and Lopez’ Artic Dreams. Specifically for our hike we spoke about Sleigh’s Islands and Vergunst’s Hoerikwaggo.