In December 2014 the organizers hiked the trail as a way of developing 2015’s program: read some of their diary entries here.


Postscript, Hedley Twidle   As the hike progressed, our evening seminars fell entirely silent – we were too tired to muster the explicitness that academic discussion requires. The knowledge was being registered in our bodies: in our skin that began to burn or darken; in calf muscles that began to work all morning; in livers… View Article

Day 4 – 3.12.2014

Returning the gaze of the Elephant’s Eye Hedley Twidle, 3 December   Last time I did it with three old friends, and in the opposite direction. This time from Cape Point to town with a group of people that I didn’t know quite as well, most of them university types. The idea (not mine) was… View Article

Day 3 – 2.12.2014

Beach talk Christian Ernsten, 2 December 2014   It’s hard to think of anything else than the crazy hike up Chapman’s Peak during day 3. Walking an eroding path curving up the mountain while carrying full packs and challenged by strong winds. Not one of my best moments!   But actually the day started with… View Article

Day 1 – 30.11.2014, 2nd entry

Black Rock Cave Nick Shepherd, 30 November   Well, this is a surprise: my hands. They look worn, archaeological. It’s not often that we have a part of our own body presented to us in this way, as the point of such focused looking. We see photographs of faces, in which case our gaze is… View Article

Day 1 – 30.11.2014, 1st entry

Looking south from the promontory above Black Rock Cave by Nick Shepherd, 30 November 2014   “The first day of the hike takes us through the Cape Point Reserve, starting at the tip of Cape Point and exiting in the afternoon at the northern gate, where the rest camp is located. The Reserve has to… View Article