The Curatorial Residency a 7-day residency for transdisciplinary discussion, methodological innovation, and the production of work. The Curatorial Residency is conceived as an annual event. Each year it will relocate to a new site and it will be themed around a particular topic or set of interests. Residency #1 will take place in and around the city of Cape Town. Residency #2 will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.


We envisage a small, multidisciplinary team responding to and interpreting a site or event. The intention is that each participant in the workshop should bring a way of working, and that we should all respond to, and be challenged by, these different ways of working. Methodology and practice become starting points for thinking about questions of theory.



The urgency of this Residency lies in the observation that many disciplinary fields are affected by a kind of discursive entrapment. Weighed down by inherited practices, canonical literatures and approved ways of working, we have lost a certain freedom and flexibility in responding to events, crises and challenges. As a way out of this entrapment we are making the case for a set of open-ended encounters and conversations between disciplinary and non-disciplinary agents, creative practitioners and curators, inside and outside the academy.


Therefore, one point of departure is to seek to break down the division between theory and practice. A second point of departure is a commitment to transdisciplinary, transgressive and “undisciplined” modes of theory and practice. A third point of departure is an explicit interest in in local histories of practice. The questions that follow include: In what way do local, subaltern and fugitive knowledges and regimes of care cause us to rethink and reimagine disciplinary ideas and practice? How can we stage productive encounters inside and outside of disciplinary frameworks? How can we use the “curatorial turn” and the “visual turn” to rethink and reframe traditional knowledge fields and frames?



Each residency will result in an exhibition and a publication. It is envisaged that these will include visual art, performed and curated work, in both gallery and site-specific installations, alongside text-based published works in multiple genres (scholarly, imagined, creative non-fiction, photographic essays, listings, sketches, and so on).


We are interested in broadening scholarly formats to explore forms of thought and theorization that arise from performance, imagination and “thinking through the visual”. We favor a model of quick publication with work appearing no more than three months after each residency.